The Insignia of the Society.  The width and height is one inch, with the  corner cut outs, the overall size is less that one square inch.  This is the maximum size of the insignia allowed under the bylaws.  This was to counter the efforts of those persons who join organizations simply for their insignia. Special awards, such as that presented to the Queen Mother, can be larger.

Nominatons for persons to be honoured are made by members of the Tomanian Society and must be approved by all officers and directors.


The Principality has honored very few persons directly, but outstanding amongst them are

HM Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother


Portrait of Her Majesty         Letter from Sir Martin Gilliat, Private Secretary

The Queen Mother was presented a custom made brooch featuring the insignia of the principality by then Vice chairman Roger Sherman.  While Mr. Sherman had previously met the Queen,the brooch was in fact handed to Sir Martin Gilliat,  Private Secretarym in his offices at Clarence House in London.  The award was in recognition of her lifetime of good works.

Mrs. Anwar (Jihan) Sadat


Dr. Jihan Sadat, the wife of the late president of Egypt, was the first Moslem woman to have her photograph in a newspaper.  Her tireless work for women and children both in Egypt and throughout the world has won her the widest respect.  The award, a commemorative certificate, was presented at Abdin Palace in Cairo by Roger Sherman.

 Roger Sherman receiving Mrs. Sadat's note from the Chancellor of Abdin Palace in Cairo.

Chev. Thomas Paul Westgaard, GCLJ

 Captain Westgaard served as Grand Bailff of the United States of the Military & Hospitaller Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem.  In that capacity, he directed the Order of the Green Cross which has contributed a number of nursing scholarships throughout the United States.