Photo Gallery

Miscellaneous photos of members and events in the life of the Society.  Newest events are at the end of the gallery, scroll down.

Roger introducing Prince Tomislav at the Fontainbleau Hotel, Miami.  Far left, Princess Miriam of Ethiopia, granddaughter of the Emperor

James Johnson, Princess Linda and Prince Tomislav at theirformer home in Sussex

Founding Members of The Society in Tampa

Vice Chairman Roger Sherman and the new Prince/Chairman, HSH Prince Ernst zur Lippe at a meeting in Manchester, UK>

Roger Sherman and HRH Princess Katarina, Honorary Chairman at Brighton, May 2010


Patte Ayala  and Violetta Mrugado-Lombardia at Apsley Manor Luncheion August 14, 2010

St. Augustine Museum event, the public ceremonies, the day after the Museum dedication.

Model of Galleon loaned to the museum - from the estate of Deborah and Theresa's father.

The vine-covered chapel on the Mission grounds.

Tom, Vickie, Nickie and Violetta trimming the tree at Apsley Manor

Doug Files' decorating handiwork in the English Garden.